MineralTree Fall 2016 Product Release

New Features: Batch Pay, Post Functionality on the Invoices Tab

You can now post invoices in bulk to your accounting system and add invoices in bulk to the payment queue. The Pay button (at right of invoice number column) has been replaced by a checkbox. The Pay/Post action button (at top of the Invoices table) defines which action will be taken to selected invoices.


Select Your Actions and Invoices

Pay is the default action. Change to Post to sync invoices to your accounting system. Select the invoices you’d like to act on and click the green arrow button. Invoices in the Unpaid status can be submitted for payment. Invoices in the Draft status can be posted to accounting system.


Filter your Invoices Tab

To narrow your list of invoices, use the filter dropdowns. Select Draft to view all invoices that can be posted, or Unpaid to view all invoices ready for payment.


New Functionality: View your Credit Card Transactions and Balances within MineralTree

Select your credit card account from the Dashboard and log-in with your account credentials to view credit card details. See this page for more details.



For Additional Information

For full details of all new functionality, see the product Release Notes.