MineralTree January 2018 Product Release

In-App Sync Error Notifications

This feature will notify users of invoice and payment sync errors, and give the user the option to re-sync the invoices and payments in the application.

Upon login, users will see a dialog box with a summary of all sync failures on the account. Users have the option to click on the errors or exit the dialog box.

Clicking on the sync error for a specific category (invoice, payment, document, etc.) will bring users to the search tab in MineralTree. The search tab will be automatically filtered to show the data type selected and sync failures only.

Users will be able to hover over the sync error icon to view the sync error message.

Users can open the invoice details or payment details to review the sync error. After correcting the invoice or payment error, the user will have the option to resync the invoice or payment. In some instances, correcting an invoice or sync failure will require contacting customer support and the user will not be able to resync the invoice or payment in the application.

Vendor Detail Entitlements

With this feature, users can now be setup with permissions to edit all, some, or none of the vendor and payment detail information in MineralTree. Specifically, companies will have more control over which users can edit vendor information, invoice coding and approval workflow settings and payment accounts details, including the default settings.

Example 1: Vendor information can be masked so the user is unable to edit the vendor name, address, and contact information. Vendor information edited in the accounting system will continue to sync over and update the vendor information in MineralTree.

Example 2: Vendor payment information can be masked so the user cannot enable a payment type for the vendor, or edit the vendor payment information for ACH, wire, and credit card.

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