Paperless Accounts Payable from MineralTree

Why Go Paperless?


Paper is a problem common to accounts payable personnel at middle-market businesses everywhere. It is associated with additional hours of manual labor, errors, disorganization, increased fraud potential and can lead to unnecessary complications during an audit. Paper-based, manual AP can cost your business thousands of dollars in hard and soft costs each year.


Streamline your AP workflow and decrease your costs by as much as 60% by taking your accounts payable paperless with our automated software solution.


  • Reduce time spent on manual AP tasks
  • Integrate directly with your ERP
  • Maintain visibility and control throughout the invoice process
  • Take advantage of flexible vendor payment options
  • Improve long-term B2B payment strategies

Paperless Accounts Payable Software

How MineralTree's automation software streamlines your AP workflow

  • Invoice Capture

    Eliminate manual invoice entry, automate coding, simplify posting to accounting package.

  • Invoice Approval

    Route invoices for approval instantly. Use workflows already in place, avoid delays with in-app tracking.

  • Payment Authorization

    Review, authorize or schedule bill payments from anywhere. Enhance security with segregation of duties.

  • Payment & Remittance

    Payment comes from your bank account, not a third-party clearing account. Vendors receive payment with full remittance detail.

Benefits of Paperless Accounts Payable

Less Risk

Eliminate paper checks and paper invoices to guard against fraud.

Greater Efficiency

Streamline processes and eliminate several manual tasks.

Optimize Capital

Flexibility to schedule payments and choose between payment methods.

Companies With Paperless Accounts Payable

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  • Logo: Bevi. Pour Something Good
  • Logo: Rover
  • Logo: Jamba Juice
  • Logo: Hollywood Wax Museum
  • Logo: BlueSnap
  • Logo: Goodwill
  • Logo: Amplify Snack Brands