Maintenance & Support

Congratulations! You’ve automated AP. Next, ensure that MineralTree is properly optimized for your environment. We are here to answer your questions regarding the software and address issues promptly.

MineralTree Maintenance & Support includes:

  • Phone support at (855) 672-9669
  • Email submission to [email protected]
  • Access to MineralTree’s online knowledge base
  • Support center access is Monday – Friday from 8:00am – 8:00pm E.S.T.
  • Software updates

MineralTree solutions are available 24×7 with a minimum uptime of 99.5% measured quarterly, excluding scheduled maintenance windows.

MineralTree (the company) will provide application and technical advice and assistance on the use of the licensed software (“Software”) according to severity. Furthermore, the company will do its best to meet all target times noted below. Note that to best resolve problems, you must provide a contact person who will cooperate with MineralTree to identify and support resolution. To resolve an issue efficiently, MineralTree may request remote access to your software. And we will cooperate to establish the required network connections using best practices for security in all cases, to comply with both of our network security policies.

Software Updates

MineralTree provides all bug fixes, minor releases, major releases and enhancements to the software, which it makes generally available to its other customers at no additional fee. Maintenance and support is provided for current software versions only. Current is defined as (a) the two most current “minor” releases of the current major version; and (b) the last released “minor” release of the previous major version. Note that major releases and new products for which MineralTree charges separate fees are not included in Maintenance and Support.

Download our Maintenance and Support overview document here.