Congrats! You’re a Winner!


You now know the hidden costs buried in manual accounts payable. Oh, and you won a prize too.

To redeem your game prize, fill out the form to verify your ticket. Once we confirm you as a winner, your prize will be in the mail. To redeem the even greater prize – the prize of easy and efficient accounts payable – speak to an AP specialist at MineralTree to learn how you can eliminate hidden costs like:

-Invoice Coding Costs:Errors made during coding are 10x more expensive to remediate than they are to prevent.
-Invoice & Payment Approval Costs: Manually collecting invoice approvals can take 3x more time than necessary.
-Payment Execution Costs: Include labor, time spent signing checks, postage fees, and more!

Curious to see how other companies are dodging excessive AP costs?

See how the Boston Celtics improved accounts payable efficiency by 80% by automating accounts payable with MineralTree>>

The best AP and Payment Automation solution for growing, middle market companies.

Award-winning MineralTree offers the only end-to-end AP automation solution that automates invoice and payment processing.

Plus, MineralTree’s AP Automation solution includes two-way integration (automatic sync) with NetSuiteSage Intacct, QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Xero and Sage 50. And, check and electronic payments are processed directly from the business’s bank.

Here’s a look at how MineralTree works:

4 steps of ap automation

The benefits of automating AP with MineralTree include:

  • Lower Processing Costs: Businesses using MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay can save 70% or more on payment processing costs, in addition to receiving cash back from credit card payments and early-pay discounts.
  • Increased Efficiency: By enabling automatic purchase order matching, providing online invoice and payment approvals, eliminating manual check issuance, and simplifying electronic payments, MineralTree dramatically increases efficiency.
  • Increased Command Over Cash Flow: MineralTree ensures that payments reach vendors in the shortest time possible, and businesses always have clear visibility into the amount of time a payment takes to reach a vendor. As a result, vendor payments can be precisely timed and future-dated to ensure maximum control over outgoing cash.
  • Reduced Fraud Risk: MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay includes advanced payment security features such as two-factor authentication, two-factor payment verification, payment limits, and integration with bank Positive Pay. With these features, MineralTree guarantees against online payment fraud: losses are covered up to $100,000 annually.
  • Improved Internal Accounting Controls: MineralTree ensures that businesses can implement important payment controls such as segregation of duties and dual approval. Audit trails are maintained for key approval steps, along with alerts and notifications to ensure proper control monitoring.

Are you curious to see AP Automation in action? Contact MineralTree for a personalized demo!

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