Case Study

Learn How Automation Can Improve Your Accounts Payable Process by MGMA

In this 30-minute session, one of MineralTree’s accounts payable automation experts, Sera Chowdhury, will demonstrate how our software streamlines the AP process by eliminating piles of paper as well as error-prone and time-consuming manual tasks that often plague AP teams. She will lead attendees through a live product tour and follow the life of an invoice from receipt to payment execution and remittance.

Registrants will learn how MineralTree’s AP automation solution:

  • Works within existing AP processes to provide users with all the control and visibility they are accustomed.
  • Cuts down the time it takes to capture and code invoices while doing so at 99.5% accuracy
  • Improves efficiencies with your AP and finance teams with automated workflows for faster approvals
  • Deters fraud through the creation of segregation of duties and dual factor authentication and dual approvals above certain thresholds
  • Saved a healthcare clinic almost 80% of the time spent on accounts payable in a real-world case study example