PCI Compliance at MineralTree

MineralTree acknowledges that MineralTree is responsible for the security of cardholder data MineralTree possesses or otherwise stores, processes, or transmits on behalf of our customers. MineralTree’s approach to data security is designed to protect both its partners and customers and it takes great care to comply with all the required PCI DSS standards. MineralTree maintains highly efficient data security requirements and procedures for secure processing of credit card transactions. It also promotes the adoption of the aforementioned PCI standards for all of its service providers and partners. Overall, MineralTree provides a safe environment for its business customers and service providers and treats security as an integral part of its mission.

MineralTree protects its internal systems with industry-leading technology and security controls, including:

  • Developing software using the highest security standards and best practices
  • Performing data encryption at various points in the transaction processing cycle and only allowing secure communication standards
  • Limiting access to databases that contain sensitive personal information and keeping all credit card data confidential
  • Educating employees to act in accordance with security policies that are designed to keep credit card data safe