AP Automation Made Simple with MineralTree and American Express®


Automate your accounts payable process with MineralTree – all while earning the rewards of your Card

What is MineralTree?

MineralTree is a payment automation platform that syncs with your existing process, creating an embedded payment flow so that you can use your American Express Business or Corporate Card to pay suppliers directly from MineralTree. The MineralTree + American Express partnership can help you fully automate your invoice-to-pay process or simply transition more vendor payments onto your American Express Card in one seamless solution that integrates directly with your accounting system.


automated workflow

The Benefits of Using MineralTree

  • Efficiency: It will drastically reduce time-consuming manual processes. No more calling or faxing your Card number.
  • Security: Card payments can help reduce fraud. Suppliers will receive single-use virtual Card numbers – not your Card number.
  • Rewards: Earn rewards the way you normally do with your Card, and use them to reinvest in your business.


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