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We do everything to help you make the right choice and invest in accounts payable automation technology efficiently. We want to show you full clarity of our capabilities vs. other options. Here you will find a comparison of features within MineralTree and

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MineralTree vs. Feature Comparison

  Features MineralTree
General End to end invoice-to-pay solution
Purpose built for an invoice-to-pay process
Two-way automated real time synchronization with accounting application
Direct integration with customer's bank
Accounting/ERP application is the system of record
Simple, rapid implementation
Cloud-based unlimited document storage
Invoice Data Capture Automated invoice capture
Originate invoice in either accounting application or Invoice-to-Pay solution
Purchase Order Matching
Invoice Approval Advanced invoice routing
Customizable invoice workflow rules
Payment Authorization Two-factor authentication, two-factor payment verification
Detailed payment remittance information automatically sent to vendor
Payment rebates
Direct payment to vendor, no use of intermediary payment accounts
Payment Execution Positive Pay integration
Guarantee against online payment fraud
Strict segregation of duties and payment authorization thresholds

What our customers are saying about MineralTree

“We’ve saved 64 hours of time and money since implementing MineralTree. It’s mission-critical to use an automation solution that directly integrates with your accounting system, unlike the solution we previously used. Using Concur previously, we did not have that feature available.”

– Casey Walters, Controller, Generation Tux