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What’s New in NetSuite

One of biggest reveals at SuiteWorld this week was the brand new NetSuite user interface that will be rolled out to users in the third quarter as part of NetSuite’s 2014.2 release.  The new UI is based on “flat design”–a type of design that favors a simple, minimalistic aesthetic.  It is also based on HTML5, which will allow users to use NetSuite across any type of device.

For as long as enterprise applications existed, they have always been haunted by complex and outdated design, mostly because of the extremely complex nature of ERP itself. NetSuite’s UI overhaul gives the ERP a more consumer-like feel–an increasing demand among businesses. The new UI is a product of three years of intense usability research, spearheaded by NetSuite CTO Evan Goldberg.

“Since the day I founded NetSuite I have spent much of my time tackling one of the thorniest challenges in building complex mission-critical business applications – making them not only easy-to-use, but also enjoyable,” said Goldberg. “Our new UI was not only designed with customers in mind, in some ways it was actually designed by customers. The result is an experience that really sets the standard for modern business applications.”

Most people at SuiteWorld echoed Goldberg’s enthusiasm on Twitter, as well as their relief that NetSuite’s UI finally reflects its status as a modern cloud product.

Here is a list of the overall highlights, courtesy of NetSuite. Follow the link to see more in-depth functionality updates.

What’s New In NetSuite

  • Completely new visual design across all elements of the suite.
  • A slim, anchored navigational header that ensures quick and easy access to navigation and tools such as Global Search, Recent Records, Help, Quick Add, and Shortcuts.
  • A new global QuickAdd that enables users to rapidly add tasks, events, contacts, and more from anywhere in the product.
  • “Progressive disclosure” that conceals action prompts until mouseover for a cleaner experience.
  • An improved experience on tablets through a responsive dashboard, larger menus and controls and improved scrolling.
  • A new dashboard personalization panel that makes it easier for users to tailor the dashboard to their individual needs.
  • New iconography focused on learnability; greater visual consistency across all pages, pop-ups and other interface elements.

The update is quite significant, and NetSuite will be holding hour-long webinars on June 16-17 to train users on the new functionalities.

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