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Webinar: Finance Friday the 13th: Horror Stories from the Annals of Finance

Every finance professional has that one story they always tell. Whether it’s disappearing check stock, faux invoices, ACH fraud, phishing scams, or insidious schemes from within, these stories serve to both entertain and educate.

Join us for this special edition of Finance Friday and listen to these finance veterans tell their tales of fraud, theft, and just plain bad luck. From silly slip-ups to more sinister infractions, this episode of Finance Friday is full of tales that everyone can enjoy.



BC Krishna, CEO of MineralTree

Bill Price, CFO of MineralTree

Rich Givone, VP of Sales at MineralTree

About Finance Friday

Finance Friday is a series of regularly scheduled 20 minute webinars exploring diverse financial topics with experts in the fields of Payments, Security, Accounting, Public Policy, and Business Process Innovation.

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