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The #1 T-Mobile Premium Retailer Uses MineralTree To Process AP On-The-Go

Express Locations, the leading T-Mobile Premium Retailer (TPR) for T-Mobile USA, transformed its invoice-to-payment process and is saving 13 hours every month with MineralTree for QuickBooks.

Previously, Kristi Delozier, Accounting Specialist at Express Locations, had to process invoices by first completing manual work in Excel and then entering invoices into QuickBooks. One of the major benefits of MineralTree was the automated invoice capture feature which enables users to email invoices directly into the solution. Within 24 hours, invoice data is automatically extracted and ready for review and approval. Unlike OCR technology, which is only 80%-90% accurate, MineralTree’s process is 99.5% accurate due to a combination of technology and human review.

“Once we enabled invoice capture, the time I spent on importing one invoice went from 2:23 minutes to 1:03 minutes.”

– Kristi Delozier

Additionally, MineralTree was able to reduce the time spent on Express Locations’ most recent audit. With unlimited document storage and the ability to convert all uploaded files into easily searchable PDFs at no additional cost, the process of searching for invoices in filing cabinets no longer exists.

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