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SuiteWorld Recap: Day 1

SuiteWorld doesn’t properly kick-off until tomorrow, but that didn’t stop all of the great stories, photos, and tweets from pouring in!

Here is a recap from day 1 of SuiteWorld.  Check back here each day to see our SuiteWorld: From the Floor  video series as well as an end-of-day recap.

The big news of the day was of course the awards given at the Partner Kickoff session. A big congratulations to all the winners!

SDN Awards

Channel Advisor

GSI Awards




5 Star Partner Awards

Photo courtesy of @jcurvesolutions

Photo courtesy of @jcurvesolutions

Our favorite tweets

Favorite stories

Why this is one of the busiest weeks for enterprise software

On the heels of Mother’s Day, enterprise software events a la SuiteWorld are bustling across the globe. Check out this post from ComputerWorld UK and see what other ERP conferences to keep up with this week.

Did we miss anything? Tell us about it @mineraltree!

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