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Quickfire Restaurants Tells its AP Achievements to Hospitality Technology Magazine

Hospitality Tech article

Last month, Quickfire Restaurants was profiled in an article in Hospitality Technology about the benefits it gained by automating its invoice-to-pay process. By using MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay with its QuickBooks accounting system, the company cut down the time it previously took to manually approve and pay invoices by more than half.

Quickfire Controller and CFO, Vickie Walker explained that the manual process of printing paper checks, stuffing and stamping envelopes, and dropping them off to be mailed, was costing her valuable time. Before using MineralTree she spent at least two hours every week on these tedious, outdated paper processes – time she could have spent on strategic plans to move the business forward.

By using MineralTree, which seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, Quickfire was able to follow existing workflows for paying invoices, but do so much more efficiently through automated processes. It’s now able to process and pay invoices for its three restaurants through a central corporate office in a fraction of time it took previously. The process now takes about 30 minutes each week to approve and pay invoices. That’s only 10 minutes per restaurant!

Read the full article via Hospitality Technology online here.

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