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Question of the Week: Does MineralTree Cover Accounts Receivables or Is It Just for Accounts Payable?

We are glad you asked since we get this question all the time!

MineralTree is a solution for your accounts payable workflow only. That entails inbound invoice management from your vendors and payment execution. We do not focus or provide a solution for A/R.

One benefit of automating AP is the reduction in time it takes to process invoices and make payments. Companies often think about automating AR as a way to speed up the payments coming into the business. This doesn’t necessarily work. Your vendor would be the one who needs to implement an automation solution.

Since MineralTree is fully integrated with your ERP, our customers enjoy the benefits of automating their accounts payable workflows while managing AR within their QuickBooks, NetSuite, Intacct or Microsoft Dynamics GP instance.
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