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Question of the Week: I am looking for a system that can help us pay our vendors next business day. Would MineralTree work for us?

In order to expedite payments, this would require you use a credit card as your form of payment. You can send these forms of payment with MineralTree in one of two ways.

  1. Credit card – Using your own corporate credit card information, we will help you setup MineralTree to enable your card as a form of payment for your vendors. You can learn more about how this works with  MineralTree in this article.
  2. Virtual one-time use credit card – MineralTree users will often take advantage of the Silverpay network as a form of payment. This is a one-time use credit card initiated by MineralTree and used by customers who either do not have a corporate card or would like to capture cashback rebates. This form of payment is accepted by vendors as if you used your own corporate card.

For either option, your vendor receives an email with the information to access the card information in a secure way and can run the card immediately.

Download the one-sheeter for more information about Silverpay

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