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Question of the Week: I’m curious if MineralTree works with VARs?

Absolutely! At MineralTree we partner with a number of VARs who see the value in our solution for their clients.

Why become a MineralTree VAR?

If you are a reseller or strategic advisor for the finance team within middle-market sized companies, you need an accounts payable automation solution in your portfolio. Why? Because more and more organizations are understanding the robustness of their ERP but also what is lacking when it comes to accounts payable management.

Accounts payable is a time-intensive process that consumes resources and presents complexities with accuracies due to the paper-based nature of it.

We provide you with the opportunity to offer a solution that your middle-market client segment needs. Commonly, the VARs we work with are reselling one of the ERP systems we integrate with such as QuickBooks, NetSuite, Intacct or Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Learn more about becoming a VAR on this page.

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