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Question of the Week: Can MineralTree cut checks on a client’s behalf?

Short answer is yes. We support multiple payment types such as ACH, wire, credit card and virtual one-time use card and check.

Since we do not use a settlement or intermediary account between you and your vendor, your payment comes directly from your account and is sent to your vendor.

During your onboarding process, we will work with you to review how you would like your checks to look. This includes what signatures do you need to have on file to print on the checks, your address, routing and accounting numbers and a logo if you wish.

Once you have initiated your payment in MineralTree, our check partner prints your check and mails it to the vendor indicated. The check looks exactly as if it came from you directly. Your statement reflects the check information once it is cleared.

You benefit from removing the need to print checks yourself, collect signatures and mail them out by automating this process. And your vendors experience never changes.

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