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Question of the Week: Can MineralTree capture all of our vendor bills and enter on customer behalf?

Yes absolutely. One of the primary reasons companies make the decision to adopt accounts payable automation is to reduce the time spent on manual entry of bills or invoices.

Capturing the data from your bill can happen in a few different ways.

  1. Scan – you can scan a paper document and upload to MineralTree
  2. Email – you can email a document to an email assigned to your MineralTree account
  3. Sent from your vendor – you can provide your vendor with the email address assigned to your MineralTree account for them to send bills directly to your system
  4. Manual entry – in the event you need to get a bill into the system as soon as possible, you also have the option to enter the data manually

Choosing to scan, email or have your vendors send the invoice directly will populate your invoice management queue where you can double check the line item matching and finalize processing for approvals.

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