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Question of the Week: Is there an approval process after the invoices are entered?

Yes. With MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay we enforce invoice approval processes during the accounts payable workflow.

Here are the steps:

1. Your invoice is captured via email or sync from your ERP

2. The line item and detail is automatically extracted from the invoice and mapped to your fields

3. Approval workflows are setup at this time or you can elect to set these up as a standard process based on rules (the vendor, amount, department submitting, etc.)

Here is what that looks like in MineralTree:

4. You save the invoice which syncs the capture information back to your ERP and triggers your approval workflow

5. Your approver will receive an email immediately that they can approve, reject or submit a comment

6. Your invoice management console will share the status of your invoice approvals – approved, rejected or outstanding

Here is what that looks like in MineralTree:

7. Once approved, you can continue on to submit for payment

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