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Question of the Week: Does MineralTree download an image of the document to QuickBooks Online when it syncs the transaction?

Using MineralTree integrated with your QuickBooks Online ERP, we strongly encourage our users to work directly in MineralTree when managing accounts payable. This includes ensuring your invoice details and documents are entered directly into the system to then be synced back to your system of record (QuickBooks Online in this case).

To answer your question here, documents uploaded into QuickBooks directly do not sync into MineralTree.

When the sync occurs on your B2B payment process, the document is stored within MineralTree but is not copied to sync back to QBO at this time. Our customers using MineralTree together with QuickBooks have not been challenged by this for a couple of key reasons:

  1. Your invoice and payment approvers will still have visibility of the document during the approval process so they can easily reference any details contained within the original invoice.
  2. Your invoice documents are easily accessible for audits, reconciliation or vendor inquiries with a quick search or report.

Take a look at how Generation Tux is successfully using MineralTree to together with QuickBooks to automate accounts payable and saving 64 hours per week as a result. Read their story here.

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