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POs and Accounts Payable: Overcoming the Challenges to Reap the Rewards

Accounting Efficiency


Many companies today are incorporating the use of purchase orders (POs) in the Purchase-to-Pay process. Should your business be considering this if you are not already using POs?

Let’s look at the benefits of POs and what they could provide to your accounts payable processes:

  1. Streamline and control purchasing activity
  2. Heighten visibility into spend and create an accurate picture of short-term expenditures
  3. Improve vendor relationships
  4. Reduce risk of fraud by adding more frivolous approval processes

The benefits of POs are clear – improved control, clear visibility into the purchasing process, improved accuracy, and improved vendor relationships. However, the use of POs creates new challenges within the Accounts Payable (AP) process. Invoices received from vendors rarely match issued POs, multiple invoices may be received against a PO, and there’s the receiving process that must be accommodated.

How does the modern, growing company and its sleek, sophisticated AP department address the burgeoning use of POs? Are POs creating more work for AP? How can today’s AP department incorporate PO matching and Invoice-to-PO reconciliation into the AP workflow? Join us for an upcoming webinar where we will dive into these questions.

We have 2 dates coming up shortly. If you can’t make it to either, please register so we can email you the link following the presentation. Both provide CPE credit.

January 17 at 12pm ET. REGISTER HERE

January 18 at 1pm ET. REGISTER HERE

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