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Overcoming the Fear of Change When It Comes to Adopting Automation

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During a recent webinar with CPA Academy entitled ‘Automation and The Impact on the Accounting Industry’ (here is a link to the recording) and we polled the audience throughout and in the next few weeks I’m going to address a few of the key responses.

In the first poll we asked “When it comes to automation, what is holding you back?”. Here are the results:

Nearly ⅔ of the audience indicated they are fearful of losing control of the workflow. I’d like to address this fear head-on in this post.

Fear of Losing Control of the Process

With automation technology in place, your control is quite the opposite and this response makes me aware that we have some work to do when it comes to communicating value.

Right now you have a process but is it really enforced and followed for each invoice? For each payment? Most likely not due to the manual nature of your process. With automation, you define your workflow, the same process you have today, but it is built into a system that disables the ability for your team submitting invoices, approving payments and executing payments to step outside your process at any point in time. One step, you define, must be followed by the next step you define – no exceptions.

As you seek to remove manual work, reduce mistakes, reduce costs and redirect time to value-added activities, it’s time to release this fear and embrace automation.

Take a look at these brands who have taken the plunge and are seeing some pretty impressive results ->

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