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MS Dynamics Convergence 2014: Day 3 Round-up

It’s the third day of Convergence 2014, and we still sorely wish we were in warm, sunny Atlanta. Here is a collection of our favorite tweets and stories of the day. Did we miss something? Tweet us about it @mineraltree!

Our favorite tweets

Our favorite stories

Microsoft CRM, ERP Push: 4 Rants And Raves

There were plenty of things Microsoft could brag about here. But the company too often sounded like a me-too rather than underscoring how it stands out. Here, then, are some rants and raves about Microsoft’s ERP and CRM world.

Microsoft Revamps Dynamics CRM Online Licensing for Social Update

Ahead of the next big Dynamics CRM Online update, expected to arrive in the second quarter, Microsoft revealed during its Convergence 2014 conference (March 4 to 7 in Atlanta), that it is taking an ax to convoluted pricing plans and the industry practice of gating software functionality—CRM in this case—behind additional licenses.

Microsoft ‘has to support use of iOS, Android’ admits Microsoft Business Solutions chief Kirill Tatarinov

Microsoft has to support operating systems from rival companies such as Apple and Google as the enterprise has developed into a “heterogeneous” environment, according to executive vice president of Microsoft’s Business Solutions group, Kirill Tatarinov.

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