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MineralTree’s Year In Review: Functionality

About MineralTree

It’s crazy to think that 2017 is almost here! Over the next few weeks, we will be doing a mini ‘Year In Review’ blog series. From media mentions and press releases to blog posts and functionality, stay tuned for our MineralTree favorites from 2016.

Up first, functionality! 

In 2016, our team implemented more than 20 separate product releases. While we won’t list them all, below are some of the most significant improvements.

  1. PO matching for NetSuite. When PO-based invoices are captured, users have the ability to match the capture invoice line items to line items on POs that were entered in NetSuite.
  2. Automated Invoice Capture for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop users.
  3. Enhanced Invoice Approval workflows include multi-tiered approval rules so users can send requests sequentially when multiple approvals are required.
  4. Document syncing from MineralTree to NetSuite and Intacct. Customers can sync documents from MineralTree to NetSuite or Intacct, ensuring that the accounting system remains the system of record.
  5. Invoice Approval usability enhancements.
  6. Credit and virtual card payment support so users can pay vendors via their own corporate card or through MineralTree’s virtual card solution, SilverPay.
  7. Yodlee integration for real-time access to bank account balances and transactions.
  8. Improved remittance notifications to include vendor credits.
  9. User interface enhancements to the ‘Invoice Details’ screen.
  10. Support for users to submit and post payments in bulk.

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