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Month In Review: May Blog Wrap-up

By: Lauren Mitri, Senior Marketing Manager


May was quite the month for the MineralTree team! As we head into summer, we wanted to share a recap of the top posts from the past month.

The Case For Electronic Payments
A large majority of B2B businesses are still relying on paper checks to process vendor payments. However, in a recently hosted webinar, we polled the audience and interestingly enough, we are beginning to see a shift towards electronic payment methods.

Of Boiling Frogs And The Myth Of Sisyphus
MineralTree Founder and CEO, BC Krishna, wrote a piece for Payment Quarterly that explores financial fraud, our slow reaction to it, and why we continue to let payment fraud get worse. But what does boiling frogs have to do with anything? 

AP Automation In 30 Series: Platform Overview
In order to provide a greater understanding of the MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay solution, we created the AP Automation in 30 Series. We kicked off this series with the MineralTree Platform Overview video that provides a high-level look at MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay.

The Full-Stack CFO
The term “full-stack” has been around for a while, and stems from the developer community. Much like a full service developer who does back-end server development and front-end web development, the full-stack CFO runs the finance department, while driving innovation across the company, often with technology.

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