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Save Trees! It’s Time For AP To Go Paperless.

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By: Lauren Mitri, Senior Marketing Manager

As more businesses make social responsibility a core part of their operations, they’re striving to go green. But with the amount of paper invoices and paper checks pushed around by finance departments, they’re typically a roadblock to reducing paper across an organization.

MineralTree is dedicated to changing the way teams manage their AP, and in the process reducing the amount of dead trees that end up in wastebaskets. In honor of Earth Day, we created this infographic to showcase how MineralTree customers are having a significant impact both on the environment and their bottom line.

By taking advantage of electronic invoicing and electronic payments, our customers are reducing costs, accelerating processing times, and improving visibility and control over their financial operations. And if that’s not enough, they’re helping to reduce their organization’s environmental footprint too! View the full infographic here.

It’s time to join the hundreds of customers who are already automating their invoice-to-payment process with MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay.

earth day infographic

We're transforming accounting by automating Accounts Payable and B2B Payments for mid-sized companies. Our award-winning solution has helped over one thousand businesses transform accounts payable from a source of inefficiency and fraud risk to a secure and strategic profit center that provides visibility into key cost drivers.

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