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MineralTree Featured in Forbes

MineralTree Streamlines Payments For Mid-Size Firms

By Tom Groenfeldt

When his local bank in Buffalo, NY asked Ed Mis if he’d like to participate in a pilot program to streamline payments, he signed up immediately.

Vice president of Apnea Care, he is responsible for payments to 150 medical supply vendors and refunds to 12,000 patients the company serves from 60 centers around the state. His bank asked him to try MineralTree, a system to automate check or electronic payments. Now instead of sending off a payment and not knowing when it cleared, he has a view of his payments and his suppliers have remittance information with the payment they receive.

Mis set up MineralTree to automatically send an email to suppliers when a payment was made along with details of what invoices are being paid and when to expect the payment to arrive. He can generate a check through MineralTree with his company’s name on it and receive the check number for his files.

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