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JustGiving Automates Payments and Saves $75,000 Annually

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Today MineralTree announced a partnership with JustGive, a nonprofit for online giving, to automate the processes involved with making about 61,000 payments to charities each year. The partnership has enabled JustGive to save nearly $75,000 per year, while getting critical funds to beneficiaries faster.

Previously, JustGive relied on manual, paper processes that were tedious and time-consuming. With only a limited number of temporary employees dedicated to printing paper checks and mailing envelopes, it took the nonprofit up to three weeks to complete payments. In 2015 alone, JustGive completed more than 61,000 check payments — the majority of which were completed by hand.

Recognizing the need for a more efficient process, JustGive turned to MineralTree to automate its Invoice-to-Pay process.

With MineralTree’s web-based service, checks are automatically filled out with each nonprofit’s information, and digitally signed. This streamlined process allows JustGive to quickly disburse payments to thousands of charities within a few days. In addition, MineralTree’s Payment Reports allows MineralTree to follow approval controls that meet its strict compliance requirements.

“Not only are we saving money—eliminated thousands of dollars on temporary workers, printers, ink, paper and more—but we’re also freeing up valuable time for our staff,” said Director of Programs Andrea Lloyd. JustGive anticipates to save more than $75,000 annually by automating its payments process with MineralTree, and allow more time for employees to spend on strategic initiatives.

To read the complete JustGive case study, click here.

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