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Just One Degree More: The Altico Spring Summit

MineralTree was thrilled to attend the Altico Spring Summit, hosted by none other than Altico Advisors, the leading integration specialists for NetSuite & Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM. The day was jam packed with informative sessions, sponsors showing off their cutting-edge solutions, and fruitful, dynamic conversation.

The highlight, however, was the keynote speaker Sam Parker of 212 Degrees of fame.  If you aren’t familiar with the 212 concept, the premise is this:

Putting in that bit of extra effort to achieve greatness is a powerful message, and it resonated particularly well with the crowd attending the summit. Don’t take my word for it–here is what some attendees had to say:

Attendees of the Altico summit are there for one purpose: educating themselves so they can take their business to the next level. Doing this is far beyond a demo in a conference room, or walking the show floor viewing the hottest new solutions.

It’s about digging deep and realizing that you could do better.  By attending the Altico Summit, attendees put in that extra degree to help their businesses (and themselves) live up to their maximum potential.

This kind of introspection is powerful for any business, so you should ask yourself: Where do I need to improve? What is that extra degree that will make me more effective? 

If you missed out on the Altico Summit, take a look at this press release that lists all of the sponsors.


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