Getting to Know Women of MineralTree

“Ideally, we will be able to host events that cater to all women in all stages of their career in the Boston tech community.”

The American workforce landscape has changed considerably over recent years. One of the most notable trends is the overall uptick of women entering and remaining in the workforce, comprising 47 percent of the current worker population. And yet, many women are still facing an everyday battle when it comes to accelerating their careers.

The challenges that women are seeing in the workplace are especially apparent in industries that tend to be male dominated. Creating a group where women can discuss these challenges, support each other in their pursuit of personal and professional goals, and foster bonding and mentorship is critically important to creating a more gender-equal work environment.

Sera Chowdhury

This week, we chatted with Sera Chowdhury, who is a Principal Account Executive at MineralTree, and also the founder of MineralTree’s latest women’s group, Women of MineralTree. Below Sera details WOM’s mission and how it will contribute to building more diversity not only at the company, but in the Boston tech community as well.

Sera Chowdhury

What is Women of MineralTree? Why was it founded and what are its goals?

Women of MineralTree (WOM) is an organization that offers support and a community for the women of the company. I originally founded WOM because it was hard to find time to meet and truly get to know all the new women we were hiring. WOM’s overarching goal is to provide a community and support network for the women of our company. In particular, WOM seeks to allow experience sharing between women of different departments and tenures, offer a forum for women as we pursue our personal and professional goals, and plan events centered around volunteer work as well as speaking sessions with other women leaders in the tech space.

What types of activities has Women of MineralTree participated in so far? How have they been?

Members of WOM worked together recently to cater a dinner for 70+ homeless women at Rosie’s Place, America’s first women’s-only homeless shelter. Our members are extremely hard workers and I’ve seen what they can do in just one hour’s time at the office, so I was truly excited to see what they could do with four hours of giving back to women in need. Our members prepped, cooked, and served a full meal from scratch alongside setting the dining area, serving the food, and cleaning up afterwards. The whole experience was incredibly rewarding and allowed us to make a positive impact in our community while getting the chance to enjoy each other’s company, have fun, and bond outside the office.

For anyone interested in giving back to the local Boston community, you can volunteer as an individual or group at

What is the future direction for Women of MineralTree?

WOM is a relatively new organization, and while we’ve had great volunteer experiences so far, my focus for now is to continue establishing the organization, recruiting members, and getting more involved with important company affairs. Once we’re on a good path for that, my hope for WOM is that it won’t be a group that only woman at MineralTree can benefit from. Ideally, we will be able to host events that cater to all women in all stages of their career in the Boston tech community.

In the wake of International Women’s Day and the #MeToo movement, it comes as no surprise that we are living in a time where women equality is at the forefront of many conversations in the workplace. While men play a very important role in striking that gender equality balance, in order to break down the glass ceiling, first we need to reach it. Thankfully, women helping women in the workplace is here to stay, and at MineralTree, we are working to smash the ceiling all together.


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