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Fixing a $100 Billion Problem


A couple weeks ago, MineralTree was honored as one of the nation’s top financial technology innovators by being named to the 2015 AlwaysOn OnFinance Top 100 list. On top of that, MineralTree Founder and CEO BC Krishna took part in the corresponding OnFinance 2015 event at Nasdaq Marketplace on April 30. He presented on a panel titled, “The Horse Race in Digital Payments Continues,” and delivered a quick talk about MineralTree as part of the “Top Company Presentations.”

The video at the top of this page features BC’s talk discussing B2B payments: why they’re completely broken, and how to fix them. In his talk, BC reports that businesses today spend $12 billion on paper checks, and $80 billion on invoices, making this a $75-$100 billion problem. Luckily, the MineralTree team has been hard at work building a solution. Check out the video above to learn how AP and payments automation can drastically improve your business payments processes, and save you money!

We're transforming accounting by automating Accounts Payable and B2B Payments for mid-sized companies. Our award-winning solution has helped over one thousand businesses transform accounts payable from a source of inefficiency and fraud risk to a secure and strategic profit center that provides visibility into key cost drivers.

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