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Finance Friday Webinar Series: How 9/11 Changed The Way Checks Are Processed In The US

We here at MineralTree are delighted to announce the launch of our new webinar series, Finance Friday.

Every Friday, we’ll be hosting 15 minute webinars exploring diverse and compelling finance topics with experts in the fields of Payments, Security, Accounting, Public Policy, and Business Process Innovation.

Our flagship session, How 9/11 Changed The Way Checks Are Processed In The US, will explore how the attacks on 9/11 caused the United States to change the way check payments are processed.

This session will be presented by BC Krishna, CEO of MineralTree, and Julius Weyman, Senior Vice President of Product and Pricing for the Retail Payments Office for the Federal Reserve System. Both presenters will discuss how checks were processed pre-9/11, and walk through resulting changes, including passage of Check 21.

Kick off your weekend the right way by joining us this Friday at 2:30PM EST.

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