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Finance Friday Webinar #3: WTF Is Bitcoin?!

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The Bitcoin watering hole has collected several species of being: anarchists, computer scientists, regulators, payments geeks, libertarians, venture capitalists, career criminals, and entrepreneurs.

Reaction from the nattering nabobs around Bitcoin has ranged from the emotional “this is a Ponzi scheme” to it being a “sweeping vista of opportunity”.

Why the incredible emotion? What is Bitcoin, exactly? In the next episode of Finance Friday, we’ll spend 15 minutes at the watering hole, and try to capture the essence of the conversation. It’s important: whether you end up drinking from it or not, you should know it exists and follow its course.



BC Krishna, CEO of MineralTree

Dan Elitzer, President of the MIT Bitcoin Club and co-leader of the MIT Bitcoin Project.

Missed the last episode of Finance Friday? Have no fear! You can find all the recordings here.

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