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Finance Friday: 11/15/2013

This week in our finance roundup, we saw the impact of the government crisis, how to keep the audience coming back for more, and we gained extra tablet time while traveling.


Government Shutdown Kills Small-Business Confidence on Main Street

The National Federation of Independent Business said Tuesday that its Small Business Optimism Index fell 2.3 points to 91.6 for October from 93.9 from September. “Since the Washington paralysis could hardly be good news, it would be expected that the optimism measures would deteriorate, and they did,” Bill Dunkelberg, NFIB’s chief economist, said in a prepared statement. (via


Keeping Small Businesses Safe From Security Threats

A study administered by the Ponemon Institute found that more than half of American small businesses surveyed experienced at least one data breach last year. Of those companies, only 33% notified customers after the breach that personal data that may have been compromised. Follow these steps to protect your company, your customers and their personal data. (via

Funding Business Emergencies

Business emergencies come a variety of shapes and sizes, and are more common than you think. If you haven’t developed a financial recovery plan before the emergency occurs, you may find it difficult to achieve the cash flow and capital funding it takes to get your company back on track. (via

Trends and Growth

FAA Changes Rules on Electronic Devices in Flight

For small business people who travel regularly, this is good news too. It means possibly being able to get a little extra work done while waiting for takeoff and landing. (via

11 Things Every Website Needs to Keep Customers Coming Back

A study by digital solutions firm Kentico revealed that nearly 60 percent of the public believes websites have improved over the past five years in design, functionality, usability, content, usefulness and other elements. Just 12 percent of those surveyed think things have gotten worse. (via

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