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Part One! Finance Friday 1-31-14

This is the sixth in our series of posts highlighting financial updates and advice for growing businesses. This week we learned the importance of separating business and personal finance. We were shocked to hear Millennials are conservative with their finances, and not as surprised to hear mobile is the future of payments. Hope you enjoy the roundup and the Super Bowl!

Growth & Innovation

7 keys to crowdfunding success

Want to raise money for your new product, company, or creative project? A hot new option, crowdfunding, has all kinds of people — entrepreneurs, small-business owners, inventors, investors, artists, speculators and crooks — excited. (via

Do you combine business finance with your personal finance?

A greater percentage of people hardly find the thin line between their business finance and personal finance. So many people think their businesses finance is the same thing with their personal finance, but that is not true. (via

Mobile Is The Future Of Payments — Here’s How Much Runway There Is For Growth

The habit of paying for things on smartphones and tablets is already ingrained in modern consumer society, particularly among young demographics. (via

10 Things You Need To Know In Tech This Morning

A ton of tech news hit last night just as everyone was going home from work. Let’s catch up. (via

10 Simple Ways to Cut Business Expenses

There’s no avoiding the fact that running a business costs money. Whether it’s a brick-and-mortar retail store, a service provider, or a small e-commerce company, every startup has its own set of expenses. While you can’t fully eliminate your costs, you can significantly reduce them with a few simple changes to your business operations. (via


Yahoo Mail was recently the target of a cyber-attack, the company revealed in a blog post Thursday.

Yahoo (YHOO, Fortune 500) said it recently identified a coordinated effort by hackers who tried to log into many email accounts with stolen usernames and passwords. (via


Millennials Are The Most Financially Conservative Generation Since The Great Depression

Maybe Millennials aren’t as self-indulged and frivolous a generation as everyone seems to think. According to a new report from investment banking company UBS, Millennials are the most financially conservative generation to come around since the Great Depression. (via

CHART OF THE DAY: The Personal Savings Rate Plunges To 2008 Levels

This morning’s release of personal income and spending data revealed that the savings rate plunged to its lowest level since 2008 in December, excluding the outlier data point in January 2013 that resulted from a spike in early dividend payments related to the fiscal cliff and subsequent drop. (via

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