End-to-End AP automation is our next habit

Enjoying comfort: a psychology lesson

We are creatures of habit. We experience something we like and we record it, almost like a carbon copy of that moment, object, or experience. Born from this habit is our comfort. The comfort of reliability. The comfort of routine.

Not all of us are wired this way, of course. There are people who feel chained by routine and would rather live a more cavalier life where their only habit is the lack of routine.

From a survival standpoint habits have allowed us to not place 100% of our energy and focus into every task we perform. It is literally our brain’s way of increasing efficiency. The first time you performed a task it required concentration and a certain level of effort. The more you performed that task the less effort was required of you as your brain adapted to the sequence. Eventually these become habitual and we can perform these tasks without even thinking.

Like we stated above, being creatures of habit and the creation of comfort means that change is not comfortable. How we adjust our way of thinking is in where we can form new habits that allow us to increase our comfort–and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be more comfortable?

Taking comfort to a new level with automation

Here’s the thing with automation–at its core it is a new habit that allows us to be more comfortable in our efforts around manual tasks while having the ability to focus on more valuable efforts and goals.

It’s very easy to hear words like implementation, change, and transformation and create perceptions around the difficulty (or uncomfortable nature) of that process. But at the end of the day it’s still your process. It’s how you’ve been doing it, just easier.

For the sake of a crude analogy think about the lawn mower. First, we had the man-powered push mower. It was just a series of blades built into a cylinder that through sheer force-of-will you were able to cut your grass. Then we motorized it so what we were pushing didn’t require all of that effort. In humanity’s true efforts to increase comfort we then took that and combined it with a go-kart so you could sit down and drive aforementioned motorized blade around your yard.

But at the end of the day, you are still cutting your grass. You’re just doing it more with more certainty and efficiency and with less effort.

Get comfortable with AP automation

Automating your accounts payable provides a level of certainty that you didn’t have before. The manual tasks you were performing are taken care of for you allowing you to advance into a more efficient space. It’s here you can increase the value you and your finance department provides to the entire organization.

Check it out and see how your AP process can get more comfortable.


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