MineralTree Employee Spotlight: Sue West, Marketing Operations Manager

“I’ve learned something new every day during my three-year tenure with MineralTree. The marketing team continually seeks new and better ways to do things, whether it be running new campaigns or finding more nuanced ways to track success. This keeps our whole team focused, and allows us to consistently evolve and improve.”

Sue joined MineralTree in 2016 and has become a driving force behind MineralTree’s ability to organize and optimize data. Since joining the team, Sue has overhauled the entire lead scoring program to improve accuracy and shorten the length of time between lead acquisition and sales follow-up. She is continually creating new ways to view data and inform the broader sales and marketing strategy across the company.

Fast Facts

Hometown: Palmyra, NY – in the Finger Lakes region of Western NY State

Alma Mater: I didn’t go to college. Before entering the field of marketing, I spent 15 years in the trade show and events industry.

Favorite Food: Grilled Shrimp and/or Guacamole

Last Book You Read: The last really good books I read were Patrick Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicle novels: “Name of the Wind” and “The Wise Man’s Fear.” And I’m eagerly waiting for him to publish the third installment, “The Doors of Stone.”

Favorite Movie: The Matrix

Favorite Quote: “How can I miss you if you won’t leave?” I heard this in San Diego while John Denver was playing an outdoor concert that you could hear all over the waterfront. That quote always stuck with me and always gives me a good laugh.

In her own words

How did you find out about MineralTree and why did you join?

I first heard about MineralTree through a job posting on LinkedIn. I went to a handful of interviews in the spring of 2016, and even had an interview set up with one of MineralTree’s marketing vendors. I cancelled that interview after I had my first round interview at MineralTree because of how impressed I was with our leadership and industry-changing mission. I chose MineralTree because I really liked the people, and I also liked the fact that the job was multi-faceted and would provide an opportunity to build many new skills.

In your own words, what do you do at MineralTree?

I manage and build reports based on the company’s lead data in Salesforce, Marketo and other sales and marketing software. This data is vital to the organization, and my goal is to keep everything running smoothly at all times, and preemptively address any potential issues. I also guide our team of business development representatives through this sea of data that we leverage, and help them make the most of it in their prospecting efforts. I also manage webinars, trade shows, events, and I help with day-to-day sales and marketing operational tasks (i.e. printing collateral, ordering giveaways & prizes for events/promotions, etc.).

What motivates you to wake up and go to work every day?

I’m motivated by the sense that we are all accomplishing something important by defining the way to solve a business problem that businesses have been struggling with for a very long time. Every day we are disrupting an industry and re-writing the way businesses operate, and it’s exciting to be able to take part in that.

Which employee perk that MineralTree offers do you enjoy the most? Why?

I’m not sure this is a formally advertised perk, but I like our company cornhole boards! Friday lunch is nice too!

If you had to describe MineralTree in one word, which word would you choose? Why?

Dynamic. Dynamic to me is the one word that really captures the ever-improving and highly-motivated atmosphere of MineralTree.


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