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MineralTree Employee Spotlight: Andrew Waters, Senior Product Manager

About MineralTree

andrew waters

“Early on, I transitioned from a marketing role to the product team. Since then, a series of fresh challenges like designing new features, guiding new integrations, and managing relationships with strategic partners has allowed me to learn, grow, and ultimately take ownership of our product strategy and set the priorities of our product roadmap.”

For the past four years, Andrew Waters has been a driving force behind the innovation taking place in the accounts payable automation industry. Initially serving in a marketing role, Andrew quickly transitioned to the product team and immediately began making contributions to the company’s continued growth and success. Today, Andrew leads the product strategy and serves as Senior Product Manager.

Fast Facts

Hometown: Concord, MA

Alma Mater: Brown University

Favorite Food: Eggs

Last Book You Read: “Lost Empress” by Sergio De La Pava

Favorite Movie: Bladerunner

Favorite Quote: “The past is never dead. It’s not even the past.” – William Faulkner

In his own words

How did you find out about MineralTree?

I first found out about MineralTree by meeting the CEO and Founder BC Krishna. When we spoke, he had an uncommon focus and enthusiasm for the work that was being accomplished at MineralTree. As he explained the company’s general business proposition and goal to relieve the long-standing burden of manual accounts payable, I realized the tremendous market opportunity and I wanted to take part in a company that is defining an up-and-coming industry. 

In your own words, what do you do at MineralTree?

I prioritize, design, and deliver new product features–working closely with the rest of the organization as well as strategic partners. In a market that is still maturing, I feel like MineralTree, as a company, is disrupting and redefining the practice of accounts payable, and that is exciting to be a part of.

What motivates you to wake up and go to work every day?

In general, MineralTree is a small company with lean operations. This means that every employee carries a lot of responsibility to help move the business forward and contribute to the ongoing effort to make lives better for our customers while simultaneously winning market share. I’m motivated by the opportunity – and responsibility – to make a clear impact on MineralTree’s growth and success by delivering a best-in-class product that is tailored to the needs of our customers, and the accounting industry as a whole. 

Which employee perk that MineralTree offers do you enjoy the most? Why?

It’s been great having free gym access right across the street, and the broader campus of where the office is located is a perk in and of itself. Cafes, food trucks, and nature trails make it really easy to step away from the grind for breaks before getting back down to business.

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