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Customer Highlight: Growing Company Switches to MineralTree for True ERP Integration

The team at Generation Tux is all about improving internal experiences to increase efficiency and improve operations. As a one-man finance team, Casey Walters needed all the help he could get to automate and streamline financial processes. When he joined Generation Tux as the Controller,  he found a disastrous Accounts Payable (AP) process in place.

The Challenge: AP Automation Fails

Generation Tux had implemented FinancialForce as their accounting system and a MineralTree competitor for both AP automation and travel & expense management. Unfortunately, he inherited systems that did not speak to each other or improve processes. After deciding to implement QuickBooks, the company AP automation provider to fully understand their integration. They discovered that they did not have a direct integration with FinancialForce or QuickBooks, which meant that a supposedly automated process took more time than an outdated, manual process.

The Solution: Direct Integration With QuickBooks

After nearly a year with this competitor, Casey turned to Google to find a new solution. MineralTree enables Generation Tux to easily search for invoices and check images to provide during an audit. This improved payment visibility is one of the main features that Generation Tux appreciates most compared to their old process.

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