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Chances To Hear From MineralTree In August

upcoming webinars

We’ve got a busy August with three upcoming webinars. Be sure to register now! If you are unable to attend on the date of the event, please register and we will send you the webinar recording after the event takes place.

Tech-Savvy CFO:
Understanding How Technology Impacts Performance

Tuesday, August 2nd at 2:00PM EST

Technology adoption is changing the way tech-savvy CFOs run their departments. Now, small, impactful technologies work together to increase value through revenue growth, profitability, team efficiency, cash management and lower risk. This is requiring a “Full Stack CFO” who is tech-savvy in addition to being a strategist, operator and financial steward. Being a Full Stack CFO is a balance between where to invest to your time and where you can create more time for your team.


Introduction To Accounts Payable
With MineralTree

Thursday, August 11th at 1:00PM EST

Come see what AP automation is all about! This webinar will cover the current state of accounts payable and what the impact would be of automating the process workflow. Attendees will see how easy it is to capture invoices, process them, approve for payment and execute the payment in a seamless, automated workflow. The MineralTree team will review the benefits of automating an AP workflow including improved accuracies, increased efficiencies and process centralization for improved visibility. You will also learn more about the partner program and how MineralTree works with CPA firms.


Cash Management Strategies
For Accounts Payable

Wednesday, August 17th at 1:00PM EST

Accounts payable is a critical function that must be managed effectively. If not, you run the risk of being a victim of fraud, wasting cash on penalty charges, duplicate payments, and even compromised controls. Even in well-running AP departments, there is an opportunity to refine the strategy to optimize cash management. In this webinar, we will discuss how you can manage your AP organization to improve cash management.


We're transforming accounting by automating Accounts Payable and B2B Payments for mid-sized companies. Our award-winning solution has helped over one thousand businesses transform accounts payable from a source of inefficiency and fraud risk to a secure and strategic profit center that provides visibility into key cost drivers.

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