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CFO’s Corner: MineralTree CFO Bill Price

CFO Strategy

bill_priceRecently, our CFO, Bill Price, sat down with Aberdeen Group for a Q&A session on his current role at MineralTree, his thoughts on IPO and blockchain, and his advice for new CFOs. Bill is a versatile, sales-centric executive who focuses on achieving big results with small teams. How is that possible? By focusing on simplifying, standardizing, automating, and integrating whenever possible and practical.

Check out the full article here to see how Bill tackled the below questions:

  • You started out your career on the accounting firm side of things and then moved to the company side. Why did you make that move?
  • What interested you about MineralTree? Why did you join the team?
  • Why isn’t adoption of AP/AR automation software higher? In your experience, are there significant hurdles that companies have to overcome in order to modernize their invoice processing?
  • You say that IPO is one of your specialties. What are three things that novice CFOs miss when entering the IPO game?
  • In a recent interview, you said that you liked “deal making.” What do you like about it?
  • Blockchain technology is a hot topic recently. Is it something you think about? Why or why not?
  • What advice do you have for anyone stepping into the CFO role today?

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