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CFO Thought Leaders: Bill Price

CFOthoughtLeaderLast week our CFO, Bill Price, spoke with co-host of the CFO Thought Leaders podcast, Jack Sweeney, about his career and work at MineralTree. Jack started CFO Thought Leaders on the premise that “very few business thinkers of the last century felt compelled to even peer inside the finance department, much less write or talk about it” – something he learned from Jeremy Hope, the late author of Reinventing the CFO.

Bill has a very unique perspective on corporate finance that’s influenced by being a CFO himself and working at a company that’s squarely focused on helping companies drive more efficiency within their financial operations. He joined Jack for a far-reaching discussion delving into his career path, best practices he’s developed, challenges he’s faced and A-ha! moments that led him to drive change in his organization.

Click through to hear Bill talk about why he took the job at MineralTree after seeing the real business value it offers. Hear how MineralTree replaces the giant stack of checks and invoices that typically hit Bill’s desk with a thud late on a Friday afternoon at previous jobs. Listen to him talk about how he and his department are not only MineralTree employees, but MineralTree customers that are continuously helping to improve the product and make life easier for their counterparts at other organizations.

The podcast can be found online at the CFO Thought Leader website, or downloaded at iTunes

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