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Case Study: How Santa Claus Turned AP from Ho Hum to Ho Ho Ho!

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Just in time for the holidays, our latest lighthearted customer case study shows how Santa Claus was able to bring new efficiency to his growing North Pole workshop.

“We may look kind of old-fashioned here in the workshop, but we need to stay as efficient as possible.”
Santa, President and CEO, Santa’s Workshop

The challenge: Bring New Efficiency to Santa’s Workshop

In the past, Santa used eggnog-slow manual processes to handle payments – just like many businesses, particularly one located in the middle of nowhere. “Paper invoices were piling up on my desk like the driven snow,” he recalls with a rueful shake of his white beard. “Getting approvals meant trudging all over the North Pole and beyond. The elves were getting cranky because they weren’t getting paid on time!”

Inefficient processes created more than headaches for the notoriously cheerful CEO. They wasted time, lowered morale, and kept workshop staff from more strategic work – like trying to decipher scrawled letters from 6-year-olds.

“We just kept doing things the old-fashioned way, even if it wasn’t working,” Santa says. “After all, I’ve been wearing the same uncomfortable red suit for like . . . forever. So maybe I tend to get a little stuck in the past . . .”

The search: Looking for a new competitive advantage

It took a wake-up call from the ever-evolving marketplace to inspire action. “We are facing major competition,” says Mrs. Claus, taking a hefty swig from a tall flagon of high-test eggnog. “The world may be used to seeing toys delivered by sleigh, but we are facing a new challenge. In one word – drones.”

With new, more efficient competitors horning in on its core business, Santa had to take action. And fast. Otherwise, his workshop might become just as irrelevant as Easter Bunny LLC. “We needed help,” Santa says, “and more than Donner and Blixen could give us. Because reindeer really aren’t all about innovation. They’re just deer, really. Deer with funny names.”

Read the full case study here

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