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What Can QuickBooks Do To Prevent Customers From Leaving?

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According to this study conducted by, companies who have outgrown QuickBooks are transitioning to Dynamics GP, Intacct, and Sage 300.

Why are companies leaving QuickBooks?

The study points to a few key reasons I’ll share below:

  • More, customizable reporting
  • Stronger security for access control, authorization, and approvals
  • Scalability
  • More flexibility to handle our specific workflows

To sum it up, when companies want to replace QuickBooks, it’s usually because they’ve simply outgrown it in some critical way.

Is there a way Intuit can address attriting customers?

Companies will always find a reason to leave a particular system regardless of the function in their business (marketing, operations, sales, etc.) if they reach a point where it simply does not work for what they need it to do.

Strategic partnerships with technology companies that extend the capabilities of QuickBooks and provide a true, API connection may be the solution. I would highly encourage any QuickBooks user who is considering a switch to first explore the Apps page on their site and run a search for your needs. Here’s a link:

Addressing the items above, a quick search shows the following:

  • Reporting: 100 Apps available which give you access to KPI dashboards, performance reports, analytics, expense reports, and more
  • Security: 12 Apps available giving you access to AWS security layers, 128 bit SSL encryption, and more
  • Workflow Management: 12 Apps available giving you access to expense management workflows, inventory management, accounts payable automation, routing and approvals, and more

When it comes to Scalability, the issue is addressed by taking advantage of what is already available to you through Intuit QuickBooks verified partners. Take a look before you make the switch!

Want to see a demo of how MineralTree integrates with QuickBooks to provide accounts payable workflow automation capabilities? Let us know here ->

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