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Business Bill Pay in 30

bill pay 30

The majority of banks are in need of new Bill Pay solutions that meet the complex needs of their business customers.

We’ve created an easy-to-follow 30 minute online demo of MineralTree Business BillPay to help you better understand why many of today’s growing businesses aren’t using online bill pay, even if it’s offered. Below is a brief Q&A that the online demo will address.

Q&A on Business BillPay:

Q: Can MineralTree be tailored to meet the needs of different customers?

A: Yes, for customers processing 10 invoices/month, MineralTree QuickPay enables users to benefit from increased security and convenience. For those customers who process more than 200 invoices/month, MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay allows customers to utilize invoice capture and more complex workflows. In addition, MineralTree Business BillPay is the only bill pay solution that automates invoice and payment processing while directly integrating with QuickBooks users.

Q: What ERP systems can MineralTree integrate with?

A: MineralTree integrates with all major ERP/accounting systems, including NetSuite, Intacct, Microsoft Dynamic GP and QuickBooks.

Q: Can you describe the implementation process for banks and their customers?

A: The implementation process is very straightforward for both banks and their customers.

For banks, the process begins by working closely with the MineralTree team to collect information such as branding elements, default settings, feature list, and bank information.  MineralTree builds the bank’s branded environment based on this information, and works with bank personnel to set up file transmissions (for ACH, Positive Pay, and BAI).

At that point, the MineralTree team will work with the bank to train users on implementation. The MineralTree team will assist in onboarding pilot end-users and will walk through this process step-by-step so future implementation for customers goes smoothly. Throughout this pilot phase, MineralTree will provide support for those pilot customers until the bank is ready to take over. All in all, the process from the bank implementation to onboarding of pilot customers takes about three months.

Q: Do you charge the bank extra to white-label the MineralTree platform?

A: No! MineralTree does not charge the bank extra to white-label its platform.

Check out our online video Business BillPay in 30 here, and view MineralTree for Banks at: .

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