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How to Bring Automation to Accounts Payable (AP)

Organizations are beginning to recognize the significant impact of automation. As a result, more finance and accounting professionals are looking to automate their departments’ processes, including their accounts payable.

How do you introduce automation to your accounts payable?

In this webinar, How to Bring Automation to AP, MineralTree’s Sr. Director of Sales, Michael Goldenberg and Product Manager, Andrew Waters, will walk you through the various steps of implementing automation within your AP processes using MineralTree. Their detailed presentation will provide you with the information you need to bring your AP to the next level.

Access the webinar online here, and:

  • Learn how to build a business case for automation at your company
  • Explore the impact automation can have on your current processes and workflows
  • Calculate the ROI to show tangible value
  • See what a fully-automated solution looks like

Automation technologies improve efficiencies within the AP process and streamline workflow for organizations of all sizes. Contact MineralTree online today for a demo!

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