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Are You Still Running Your Business with Antiquated AP? A 5-Step Roadmap to Modern AP for NetSuite

If your daily Accounts Payable duties consist of the following:

  • Printing and mailing checks

  • Searching for your CFO for signature approval

  • Fending off anxious vendors

  • Fixing stubborn paper jams

  • Dodging ink cartridge explosions

….you are running your business with antiquated AP!

With manual invoice and payment processing costs at $10-15 per invoice, today’s AP is simply on the wrong side of history.

On Thursday, August 21st, we will be hosting a free webinar about modernizing your Accounts Payable operations for NetSuite. We will delve into the problems of antiquated AP and give you an actionable roadmap to better, modern AP. If you want to save time, money, and maximize your investment in NetSuite, then you will not want to miss this webinar!


Date: Thursday, August 21st

Time: 1:00PM

Duration: 30 minutes

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