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Are You a Steward CFO? – Becoming a Full Stack CFO

CFO Strategy

Being a CFO today means something very different than it used to.

This article is part 1 of a 5-part series focused on Becoming a Full Stack CFO.

Running an organization with maximum efficiency as disruptive tech constantly hits the market is no simple task. It requires the diverse skill set of a Steward CFO. Here is a rundown of the different priorities and responsibilities of a Steward CFO today:

Are you investing in profitable growth in order to return capital to shareholders?

As the lead capital manager in the organization, it is your job to know the inner workings of your organization, and take a strategic approach to investing in profitable initiatives, tools, and personnel.

With new technology disrupting the way businesses operate on a near-daily basis, Steward CFOs must keep their ear to the ground, and their mind open to rapid change. Keeping up to date with the latest developments in tech is essential.

Are you giving investors a transparent view into your organization’s financial health?

While guiding the company through sound capital management, a Steward CFO must simultaneously deliver complete financial reporting on everything the organization is doing.

Today, this goes beyond personal discipline on the part of the CFO, and requires the leadership to instill a culture of diligence and complete reporting throughout the company.

Are you protecting your company’s assets and employees by promoting a culture that follows the rules?

Compliance traditionally falls on the shoulders of an organization’s controller. However, the Steward CFO makes it as easy as possible for their controller. Mapping out all of the key functions of the business, and building detailed protocols that are easy to follow, empowers controllers to stay on top of compliance at all times.

Earning a COSO Certificate can help you identify, analyze, and respond to compliance issues with proficiency.

To learn about the other roles that define a Full Stack CFO, read the Whitepaper Becoming a Full Stack CFO.

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