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5 Things You Should Be Doing On a Friday Instead of Writing Checks

It’s Friday, and you’re stuck in the office writing checks.  Maybe you’re looking for your CFO. Maybe your staring longingly at your printer, waiting for the moment when the paper stops.  Either way, there are WAY better things to be doing on a Friday than sitting in the office cutting checks. Here are our ideas:

1. Go Home Early and Binge Watch House of Cards

Instead of chasing your CFO for a signature, why not head home early and get sucked into the dark, Machiavellian world of House of Cards?

If you had an online payment solution, approval could be sent to your CFO at anytime, no matter where they are. Automating AP and ditching the checks will allow you to run your department with the ruthless efficiency of Frank Underwood.

2. Get Your Namaste On

If paper is weighing you down (and it should be), scoot out early and hit up a yoga class. Centering yourself after a stressful week has obvious health benefits, and you’ll come back on Monday ready for anything!

3. Go For A Run

No, not a check run–a REAL run! Not only will you be getting great exercise, but on your route you can dream of an AP workflow as fast as yourself. Even if you have to walk a little bit, you’re still faster than a check could ever be.

4. Happy Hour

Grab a few coworkers and get out early for a Happy Hour near you. While you could complain about angry vendors, slow payments, even slower approvals, and nasty paper cuts, it’s probably best to institute a “no shop talk” policy–it is Friday, after all.

5. Cut Your Hair–Not Checks

If you’re buried under a mountain of invoices, you probably haven’t looked in the mirror lately. Sneak out early and treat yourself to a stylish haircut! As the stylist trims your long locks, you can think of ways to trim your AP workflow.

If you’re ready to ditch those checks and become an AP innovator, sign up here to get more information!

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